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Mmansha Chadha
About Mmansha Chadha

Mmansha Chadha is a prestigious and famous Vedic astrologer and Tarot Card reader in India. She has over 8 years of involvement in the field of occult science and Astrology. Mmansha Chadha has dealt with many astrological, numerology, tarot card reading, etc for their client's problems.

Her broad exploration of Retrograde planets, Nakshatras, and Panchang is unparallel and exemplary. She is passionate about her work and is a fantastic educator, who might do all she wants, to direct his students to acquire understanding and experience in the end.

Aside from being a specialist in Vedic Astrology, she is likewise a Tarot Mentor, offering both fundamental and high-level courses in Tarot. Her classes in Crystal gazing incorporate Nakshatra, Prashna, Panchang, and other related points. She additionally offers conferences in Prashna, Nakshatra, previous existence examination, and many more components of Vedic crystal gazing. Throughout the previous few years, working at a global level has given her a superior comprehension of the effect of Vedic crystal gazing everywhere. The courses she offers are planned, for example, to incorporate the same requirements and comprehension of the Indian and Western students.

She is as of now committed to passing on the remedy of genuine Vedic astrology to the future. She is spreading the great expressions of Vedic science to sharp students from everywhere in the world.

She recommends Gemstones which will work on your money as well as economic well-being in the general public. She just suggests stones and yantras. She has sound information to determine which Diamond (s) would suit best to her client so the outcomes might be astounding.


  • More than 10 years
  • In Vastu shastra
  • In Palmistry
  • In Tarot card reading
  • In Angel reading
  • In healings
  • So on and so forth


  • Schooling- from Greenfields School
  • Graduation - Delhi University
  • Astrology and art of occult Sciences - Aum Karma Institute of Occult Sciences